Power up your positioning

Positioning is more than just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental aspect of marketing that can make or break your business. At its core, positioning is about how you can make your brand stand out in the minds of your ideal customers. It’s about carving out a distinct space in the market and owning it with authority.

When you have clarity in your target customers and what you deliver to them, you can influence their decision-making process and encourage them to take positive action.

Through a robust positioning strategy, you can:

  • Understand your customers
  • Create a competitive advantage
  • Justify your approach to pricing
  • Be the first company on your customer’s minds

Let’s take a look at these in a bit more detail.


Understand your customers

It’s rare for a company to want to sell a product or service to the entire population!

You can focus your marketing efforts once you know who you want to target. You can talk their language, share your messages where they will be seen and create a proposition that will encourage positive action.  

Understanding your customers is an ongoing process. When you continually analyse your customers, their mindset and where you can add value, you can power up your positioning.


Create a competitive advantage

It’s a crowded marketplace, so how will you stand out?

Positioning allows you to define the differences between you and your competitors and highlight what makes you unique. This is what sets you apart. It’s about creating a compelling narrative that captivates your audience and makes them choose you over the competition.


Justify your pricing strategy

Consistent and strategic positioning builds brand equity over time. When customers consistently associate your brand with certain qualities, values, and benefits, you create trust and loyalty.

How do you want to be seen by your customers? Are you focused on value, quantity, and a lower price point, or do you want to be seen as high-quality with a high-end value?

Your positioning against competitors and the overall market will help justify your end-price points.


Be the first company on your customer’s minds

This is the final aim of positioning. To be the first company your target customers consider purchasing from for your product or service.

With countless options available to consumers in almost every industry, organisations must continuously work to capture and maintain the attention of their target audience.

Being top of mind ensures that your company remains relevant and influential in the consumer’s decision-making process, ultimately driving success and growth for the business.


Positioning in action

There are some great examples of positioning out there. Let’s take a look….

In sports and fashion, Nike has created memorable campaigns like ‘Just do it’, ‘Believe in Something’, and ‘Better for it’. They leverage moments that are important to their customers, get people talking, and focus on athletic excellence and empowerment.

In the agency world, Campaign is easily identifiable as a consumer brand agency. They have a clear identity with black and red fonts. Look at the home page of their website; the word ‘agency’ is everywhere. It’s clear who they are and what they do.

One for us parents. Who’s feet haven’t been broken by standing on Lego?! They are the comeback King of positioning. Since near bankruptcy in early 2000, they have repositioned themselves in the market. For kids, they have lined up collaborations with movies and TV to create sets to build. For adults, they have created a mindful and collectable hobby with large-scale projects.

If you want a more niche example, look at Bee’s Wrap; their message is simple. They are all about sustainability, with a clear commitment to reducing plastic waste for food storage. Using the black and yellow colours associated with bees further gives a subtle nod to their product name and origin.

Looking closer to home, here’s how I apply positioning to my marketing strategy.

I specialise as a plug-in marketing agency for business owners, particularly those with a focus on brand and interior design.  

I also champion mum’s who are re-entering the workforce, I’m an advocate for flexible working policies, and I’m a founding member of the Pregnant then Screwed Charity.

This gives me clear target markets to focus my marketing efforts and a strong foundation for differentiation.

By aligning my business with a meaningful purpose and targeting specific customers, I can distinguish my business in a competitive market and resonate deeply with my ideal audience.


How can I help you?

As a plug-in marketing agency, I offer helping you create a positioning strategy that will pop!  

By defining your target market, differentiating yourself from competitors, and building a strong brand identity, we can carve out a unique space for you in the market and achieve sustainable growth.

Taking the time to craft a compelling positioning strategy is the key to unlocking marketing success, and we can support you through each step of the process.

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