How to create your Marketing Goals

We are ideating here at External Marketing about what it means to start your own content plan, inspired by a conversation I’d had recently and so I wanted to go through all the points to offer more insights to help get business owners started. The foundation of any plan is to set expectation, set the tone to effectively keep perspective. A Content Plan likewise a Marketing Plan is to reinforce your brand, deliver succinct brand messaging, communicate wonderful stories about your business brand and build up your agency’s marketing. Agency Marketing is not just a ‘nice to have’, it is absolutely essential for growth, and like hiring or meetings with your accountant, it needs focus, dedication 

The first thing to think about when writing a content or even marketing plan is setting the right goals. Yes, they should be SMART like any goals, we covered this acronym back at uni back in… 2004?! …And it’s still relevant today and probably will be for another x amount of years. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound and the purpose of them is to:

1) Drive inward enquiries via website or otherwise 
2) Generate the right client type and size
3) Raise brand awareness
4) Grow the Founders/ Directors personal brands 
5) Empower influencer marketing internally and externally 

You need SMART goals in order to measure, otherwise there’s almost no point. Being scatter gun is sometimes what’s possible but without reflection and measuring where your new business opportunity came from for example, you won’t know where to focus your time on next quarter/ year.

Hope this helps. Any questions – please get in touch!

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