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  • How to improve your new business efforts easily
    A short while ago I hosted my second talk for the Agency Collective, a membership club for agency owners where we all support each other in various ways, and I addressed ‘New Business’ as I’ve spent years of my careers being a hybrid new business […]
  • NFTs- what do we need to know?
    This is what marketers need to understand IMO- don’t be scared, I’ll explain everything hopefully in a coherent way and as I understand it from my research so far! An NFT is unique, it could be an image, tweet, piece of music, trading card, domain […]
  • Amplify your marketing content!
    Amplify! Six out of six – my final part of six sections to consider in your content strategy (recap: Set Goals, Know your audience, Niche down, measure everything, listen then amplify!). If you’ve nailed the first five steps, then you’re well on your way but […]
  • Listen!
    Listen! Part 5 of six on how to have an amazing content strategy. My last post/article was on measuring so this sensible next step is about taking a view from a wider perspective – your account management team, sales people, even influencers – what have […]
  • Measure everything!
    When it comes to your content marketing strategy, you’ve got your goals written out (my first part of six posts) so it’s watching those results but a bit more too.  Some examples include giving away a white paper/driving traffic towards web based results, executing email […]
  • Finding your niche!
    Niching for your content and marketing – the third of six pointers in my ‘content strategy’ map (see earlier posts for any missed). The widely documented topic – create yourself a niche, don’t be everything for everyone, it won’t work. When setting out your business […]
  • Knowing your audience for your content planning
    In my earlier article, I said for any content plan you need to know a few key things, one of which is your audience. So how do you ‘know your audience’? I have a lot of thoughts on this but I’ll try to keep it […]
  • How to create your Marketing Goals
    We are ideating here at External Marketing about what it means to start your own content plan, inspired by a conversation I’d had recently and so I wanted to go through all the points to offer more insights to help get business owners started.  The […]
  • Sales strategies for agency owners
    How to approach ‘sales’ is different for different types and sizes of businesses but there are some common themes and thinking where I can hopefully shed some light and provide some food for thought.  Every business leader needs to have an idea of where they […]
  • The basics of story telling
    Draw a picture with words and describe the story as if you’re talking to a friend. Storytelling is an art that requires creativity, imagination and a level of understanding of the subject. For our clients, we have to think about the position of the business […]