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  • Sales strategies for agency owners
    How to approach ‘sales’ is different for different types and sizes of businesses but there are some common themes and thinking where I can hopefully shed some light and provide some food for thought.  Every business leader needs to have an idea of where they […]
  • The basics of story telling
    Draw a picture with words and describe the story as if you’re talking to a friend. Storytelling is an art that requires creativity, imagination and a level of understanding of the subject. For our clients, we have to think about the position of the business […]
  • Why is a having a strong business brand important?
    It represents who you are, it’s your shop window. It’s what people see as a first impression if they haven’t come across you before. Your icon, colours, fonts, name, strapline- all elude to if your businesses are likeminded and trusted to fulfil their needs. And […]
  • My Top 5 Tips for a Tip-Top Year!
    Aaahh, 2021. A brand-new year, and hopefully a brand-new chapter for all of us, too. In other words, an opportunity to ensure you’ve pivoted in the direction you know you need to head: visualising and planning for the clients you want to target, the headcount […]
  • Who’s booming during the pandemic – a good news story by EXT MKTG
    Have any of you thought about the lack of good news stories? I’ve been asked many times ‘which sectors should our business focus on’? I’ve done some digging and I’ve found a whole bundle of growing companies and sectors and so read on for a […]
  • Today’s marketing jargon explained
    When I came up with my company name, I thought yeah it makes sense, it’s the abbreviation of external marketing – EXT MKTG – but it may take a while for it to be easily digestible. I think about it a lot and then started […]
  • How influencer marketing can make a difference to your business
    Influencers are the latest buzz topic in the field of marketing and communications, and my latest ideation around that is ‘how does it translate from B2C brands to B2B’ and what is most effective.  Quick dictionary definition- “Influencer marketing” is a form of social media […]
  • Getting communication right
    In my first article I wrote about making the right decisions for your business, and then touched on how to communicate your message. There’s a reason there are A LOT of communications specialists around: because the discipline is so broad. Internal and external communications both […]
  • What is External Marketing
    By definition, external marketing is the action of promoting your business to people outside your business, otherwise it’s internal marketing and that definitely has lots of benefits too. External Marketing takes many forms, it can be your website, social channels, market research, advertising to clients […]
  • Making the right decisions
    This article is written at the time of a global pandemic but ‘it’ will not be mentioned again. I also promise not to use the aggravating term ‘new normal’. We are focusing on the positives and acknowledging change happens while being fully respectful of the […]