Six months of GOALS

EXT MKTG turns three years old in June this year (2023) and to celebrate the milestone, of which I am so proud I’ve kept it going and growing, I came up with the idea for a goals calendar. I know it’s not unique but I hope to help people. 

So in the next six months; what do you want to achieve personally, for your business and creatively? 

The reason I’ve come up with these 3 categories is down to how I clear my mind, set myself up for the day, week or month ahead and also, I’m starting to prioritise feeding my creative soul. 

Make your goal setting a priority. The link goes through to a PDF template, but you can also use your notepad, stickies or virtual to-do lists. Let me know how you get on and if you want the file emailing over or even the artwork ready A2 version, email me! Always happy to help. 

Click here to view, download and complete! 

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