We’re different; we bring together experience and expertise from marketing and business development backgrounds for companies who seek growth.

Our passion is working strategically, creatively and instinctively for the needs of our clients.

Founded by Zara Deegan in 2020 after working in London and Toronto with globally acclaimed creative design firms, top PR agencies and in financial services; she longed to build her own company, using her degree, experience and expertise. Zara’s career has seen her work with a range of brands from Vivienne Westwood, Nike, TopShop, Santander, Arsenal Football Club, Hilton, Momofuku and St Regis Hotels in the B2B and B2C capacity, and within medium-sized to start-ups businesses.

The team is currently her network built over the past fourteen years, of happily self-employed, bright, creatives and techs, matched for the jobs and tasks that are right for them. They have big plans for a big office filled with bright, talented, glorious people one day but whilst things are new, you can find them mostly working at home.

Zara is an exceptional Marketing Consultant who I would highly recommend having had the experience and pleasure of working with her over the past 5 years. Marketing and company development thrives on personality, connections and rigour, all of which are qualities Zara possesses in spades.

Howard Sullivan, Co-Founder & Creative Director YourStudio Limited

Zara is one of those ‘always half-full’ kind of people – and brings that to work every single day. She is also fearless and relishes taking on any challenge, anywhere. She has a natural confidence that is compelling and infectious to be around.

Bernard Dooling, Founder of 20.20 Limited